Industry 4.0 or Manufacturing 4.0 powers connected enterprises via automation, cyber-physical systems, sensors, IoT, the cloud, and advanced analytics. It starts from product design and ends with order fulfillment and servicing.

Most, if not all, value chain instances such as products, assets, fleet, infrastructure, markets, and people are connected. This is accomplished by joining relevant operational technology (OT), communication technology, and information technology (IT) enterprise systems.

The smart factory is one of the main components of Manufacturing 4.0 enterprises invest in; during their Manufacturing 4.0 journey.

Smart Factory

A smart factory is created by the acquisition of smart assets, retrofitting of non-smart equipment, and/or feeding of data from PLCs or local storage to an IoT gateway.

Real-time control, monitoring, notifications, alerts, and event management from multiple devices anywhere in the world; lead to a digitized and collaborating shop floor and are the characteristics of a smart factory.

Thus, smart factories allow companies to improve complex operational and manufacturing processes and to drive business growth from better data-driven insights.

Most importantly, as the cost of retrofitting equipment and sensors decline; more small, medium, and large companies are expected to invest in smart factories.

Shop Floor to Top Floor

SMI Consulting Technologies works with manufacturing and technology executives to help them transform the common pain points below into opportunities.

Unplanned Downtime

Improve asset availability from setup, breakdowns, and failures

Inefficient Operations

Improve production processes’ performance and quality

Mediocre Service/Support

Improve to decrease lost sales & increase customer satisfaction

Non-Data Driven Decision Making

Enable data-driven decision making for better results/insights


SMI Consulting Technologies executes the six steps below to enable Manufacturing 4.0 for enterprises.



MFG Value Chain



Assets OEE



OT and IT Systems



Data for Analysis



E2E MFG Landscape



Beyond Tomorrow

This Manufacturing 4.0 methodology is powered by our iDACS Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform.

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