Aerospace and Defense

Optimize supplier relationship management, assets, uptime, production, and on-time delivery to meet customer and government requirements.


Maximize product quality, minimize defects, and strengthen regulatory and customer specifications compliance.

Consumer Product Goods

Optimize quality, traceability, serialization, compliance, production, and customer service levels.

Electronics & High Tech

Improve production for greater agility and efficiency in an environment of rapid change and consumer preferences.


Increase equipment health, uptime, throughput, quality, efficiency, and safety for greater competitive advantage.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Reduce product complexity and manufacturing costs via real-time monitoring in intense competitive environments.

Life Sciences & Health Care

Improve operations and compliance via serialization and traceability for healthcare and medical device companies.


Optimize warehouse and transportation cost by increasing response and speed via multiple channels in real-time.


Increase asset uptime and health, reduce production costs, and increase production agility to better match customer demand.


Strengthen regulatory and customer requirements via traceability and product genealogy to reduce end-to-end supply chain costs.


Reduce inventory, accelerate speed to market, and increase profitable sales in an atmosphere of changing customer preferences.


Improve equipment uptime, utilization, reliability, security, and predictive maintenance to meet customer performance and power demands.